The Water Project, completed in 2002

Men fit water piping together

The water project is a successful project that we implemented in 2001 – 2002. This project, now under community management, continues to provide safe, clean drinking water to Kolomiseed, the southern part of Zawrat village. In the future, Mother Maryam Foundation hopes to implement similar projects in other villages.

For many years, people in the village of Kolomiseed in northern Sudan suffered health problems due to the lack of clean drinking water. This cooperative drinking water project included digging a well, installing a pump, and building a water tower and tank. This project was made possible by South Austin Rotary Club, the Rotary Foundation, the Khartoum Rotary Club, the non-profit charitable organization ECHO, participants in the Sudan-list Charity Fund and, and many individual contributors. With their help, we sent $42,000 to the Khartoum Rotary Club, who supervised the primary stage of this water project.

The first stage of the project was drilling a will, setting a pump, and building a water tower and tank. This was completed in March 2001. The second phase of the project was to set up a distribution network, extending pipes from the water tower throughout the village. The village community donated all the manual work such as digging ditches and fitting pipes, while we provided the materials. The distribution network was completed in January 2002. Now pipes carry water throughout the village, and the villagers have all connected their homes.

In the second stage, the villagers, old and young, dug ditches-- about five miles of them. Then they helped the engineering team connect the pipes that carry water throughout the village. Women no longer have to carry water on their heads from the Nile to their homes. They still use the traditional clay cooling jars, but now clean well water from a tap fills the jars!

The village community now elects the water committee every year. The committee collects subscription fees from water users, except for the most needy people who do not have to pay. They hire a supervisor to maintain the pump and the distribution system. The committee presents a report and budget summary to the community every year.

The water project is dedicated to the memory of Mother Maryam Saeed, as the sign indicates.

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