Other Mother Maryam Foundation Projects

Before the Mother Maryam Foundation was created in 2006, we were doing projects in the village. Over the years, many kind donors have assisted us in helping people in Zawrat and other communities.

A donation of baby blankets

photo of couple with baby and baby wrapped in a blanket Sandra Jones and Kathy Cartwright of Rotary Club of Austin organized their knitting friends to make baby blankets. In December 2005, we distributed them among families with new babies.

A donation of medicines

In 2005, George Lloyd of Century International provided us with two boxes of valuable medicines from CMMB, who provide medicine for distribution to the needy regardless of race, creed, or political persuasion. We gave them to a doctor from Zawrat who distributed them to needy patients in the area.

Construction of a school

Children in the southern part of Zawrat used to have to travel several miles by donkey to go to school. In 1998, the villagers worked together to build a new school. We contributed to the cost of construction and have supported the school in many ways over the years (see school projects link).

Installation of solar panels at community center

In 1996, John Hoffner of the City of Austin provided solar panels for shipment to Zawrat and instructed us on their use. We helped the villagers install them on the community center, where they power ceiling fans and lightbulbs.

Building a flood control dike

photo of villagers standing on a dike The Nubians have farmed the rich silt from the annual Nile floods for millennia, but in recent years the water rose extremely high and threatened to flood the village. Villagers had to fill and stack sandbags against the flood. With our contributorsí help, the villagers hired a bulldozer operator to build a dike to protect the village.

Wind pump experiment

Stanley LeBague (from Magiglo Corporation) of Kent, England, designed a wind-powered irrigation pump. In 1995, he set up one of his pumps by the Nile to test its efficiency.

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