Early Mother Maryam Foundation Projects

Installing solar panels on a roofJohn Hoffner of Austin, Texas helped Awad prepare solar panels for shipment to az-Zawrat, Sudan. Then, Awad and villagers installed the solar panels on the community center. This view from the roof shows the Nile flood plain with its fertile fields and palm trees. The solar panels were installed in the memory of Awad's mother Hajja Maryam Saeed. The system provides the community center with six ceiling fans and six lightbulbs.

Khartoum Rotary Club representative and village cooperative leaders visit the village school. Until recently, the children of the village had to travel several miles by donkey to go to school. Last year, the villagers worked together to construct a new school in the village itself. Nile Valley Herbs contributed to the construction costs. Dripping Springs and Galindo Elementary School students contributed school supplies to their pen pals at the new az-Zawrat Elementary school.

Villagers stand on the flood control dike at the edge of the village. This dike protects the village from the annual flooding of the Nile. The Nubians have farmed the rich silt of the annual flood of the Nile for millenia, but in recent years, the water has risen to extremely high levels and threatened to flood the village itself. In the past, during high waters, the villagers had to fill and stack sandbags against the rising flood. With the help of our contributors, the villagers hired a bulldozer operator to build this dike which will protect the houses in coming years.

Villagers check pump before attaching windmill blades. This wind-powered irrigation pump was designed by Mr. Stanley LeBague (from Magiglo corporation) of Kent, England, who generously volunteered to visit az-Zawrat and set up the pump by the Nile to test its efficiency for agricultural use. He is currently refining the design.

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